Profile of the city of Regensburg

The metropolis of Regensburg accommodates around 143,000 inhabitants and therefore ranks in the fourth place of the Bavarian cities. In July 2006, the historical city centre of Regensburg has been nominated as UNESCO world heritage. The once booming European trade metropolis and centre of the Holy Roman Empire is considered today as the best preserved medieval metropolis.

The town is an attractive place of residence for students, families and singles. Beyond the universities, the manufacturing industries characterise Regensburg and contribute to a low unemployment rate compared with the Bavarian average.

In Regensburg, it is possible to live comfortably as people will find something for every taste there.

It doesn’t matter if people are rather interested in the historical, cultural or gastronomic site of the city. At the top of the list of the places of interest should be of course these highlights:

  • the Golden Tower – it is the oldest and highest patrician tower of the Unesco world heritage city
  • the Cathedral St. Peter – one of the most important gothic buildings of Bavaria
  • the Reichssaal – location of the perpetual imperial diets from 1663 until 1806
  • the stone bridge – a masterpiece of medieval architecture
  • the Old Chapel – a magnificient baroque church
  • the Oskar Schindler House – a memorial place in a picturesque lane
  • the historical city centre – romantic alleys and historical buildings

But also the surroundings of Regensburg offer perfect destinations with their multifarious places of interest. Monumental buildings, churches and abbeys characterise the region. And thanks to an excellent transport connection, the surroundings are well connected.

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