Profile of Rostock

Rostock is a northern German county-level wholesale, university and Hanseatic town on the Baltic Sea. It lies in the part of the country Mecklenburg of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Rostock has 204,260 inhabitants, making it the largest city by population in the country and one of the 40 largest cities in Germany.


Rostock is a port city with centuries long tradition of shipbuilding. Today modern shipyards are dominant. grown Stark is the maritime industry in recent years. In addition to small and medium companies large companies such as Liebherr and Nordex have built here large-scale production plants. Especially the proximity to the port and the excellent transport links to rail and road are a key competitive advantage for international companies. The airport Rostock-Laage offers both national and numerous international destinations.

Culture and Leisure

Rostock is always worth a visit. Numerous recreational activities such as the Rostock Zoo attract tourists and residents alike in the Hanseatic city.

Let the city of Rostock with the seaside resort of Warnemünde and the natural area of the Rostock Heath enchanted.

In various restaurants in the center of Rostock, experience Theaterkunst close in culinary ambience.

Popular Districts Rostock

  • Warnemünde
  • Reutershagen
  • Garden City
  • Hansaviertel
  • KTV
  • Südstadt
  • Biestow
  • City Center
  • Gehlsdorf

Attractions in Rostock and Warnemünde

  • City Hall in brick Gothic with 7 towers
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Stone Gate in Renaissance style
  • Treehouse – a late Gothic gabled house from the 15th century
  • Kröpeliner gate the westernmost of the four major gates
  • Shipbuilding and Schifffahrtsmuseum
  • Ständehaus in neo-Gothic brick building
  • Rostock Zoo & Darwineum
  • Charles adventure village in Rövershagen
  • Lighthouse Warnemünde
  • Teepott Warnemünde
  • Alter Strom in Warnemünde
  • Passagierkai annually 180 calls by cruisers

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